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Brain Dean’s SEO That Works 2016:

My personal review of the course: This is one of the best courses on SEO to come out in a long time. Certainly the best in 2015. The videos are short, direct to the point, and very very actionable. There are several Worksheets and downloads available to help you take action. No fluff, like the kind you find in most SEO training videos. If you have the fundamentals of SEO right, then this will take you to the next Pro level. Another good thing about the course is that it is so much more than the previous SEO That Works v1. It is totally revamped and is much much better.

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Long Tail Pro University Course:

 Long Tail University in it we share our latest tactics on SERP Crossovers, bypassing Google Sandbox, Ways to get your Authority content with minimal work on your part, as well as a ton on keyword research the Long Tail Way!

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Rankxl v2 niche Site Course:

After a thorough review of the RankXL Niche Site Course, my inclination is to pan it. Product creator, Chris Lee, has the temerity to point out all the mistakes this seasoned affiliate marketer continues to commit on a daily basis. Sure, he is well-intentioned and dedicated to his customers’ success. But do all his golden nuggets have to make yours truly feel as though he has been barking up the wrong affiliate marketing tree since newbiehood.

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SEO That Matters by Rand Fishkin:

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, freelancers, junior marketers, web designers, and copywriters eager to do SEO that matters! No prior experience or skills required.

  • crafting an SEO strategy that “moves the needle”
  • granular fundamentals for content optimization
  • walk-through demos auditing a full site & specific posts

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Niche Tycoon:

I’m about to share with you a new way to build amazing niche websites in 2017 and beyond. I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen my latest approach with niche sites taught by anyone.  Technically, it’s amazing.  Conceptually, it’s simple.

  •  Website: I step you through every step;
  •  Traffic Sources: Keep it simple and FOCUS; and
  • Revenue Streams: Niche sites with diversified revenue streams.  Selling NOT required.

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Here at Authority Hacker, we started where you started. With the idea that building and running high quality websites was a way of life and a career path that would give us the financial and geographical freedom we were dreaming of.

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