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No Product Key for Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 shipped with new computer

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No Product Key for Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 shipped with new computer

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My company bought a new computer, ordered and paid extra for Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 25 digit product key card was never shipped with. 

How do i get a copy of the product key that belong to my company? and without the product key, I cannot activate the software. Out of over 40 computers my company have bought from Dell, this is a first.

I've had less than stellar experience with Dell customer support by email on another matter because their english is non existant. Meaning, they do not read what I am trying to explain. Instead they send generic forms.

Also, phone is out of the question because of language difficulties with heavy foreign accents.

thank you, Kate

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  • Unreal, no one, not even a dell employee would take the initiative to help someone?? This is not right to treat a long time customer of Dell who bought thousands of dollars of computers.

    This is a paid upgraded version of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 software that I ordered with a new dell business machine.


  • I just got a new Precision 5810 with Office 2016 for my company and after searching the box for an activation card, I went online and found your message.

    Then I found this from Dell: "Beginning December 16, 2016, if you purchased your Microsoft Office product with your Dell system, we will no longer ship an Office product key card to activate your product. Systems sold after this date are Digitial (sic) Delivery systems with the software loaded onto your system ready for activation via the following instructions."

    I haven't tried it yet, and probably won't have time today, but I'll try to remember to report back here if there are any problems.

  • Joe,

    I took the plunge as Dell did not provide info, by launching Office 2016 which prompted me to ask me for Microsoft account which my company already had one so I logged in. Then it activated the 25 digit code which was preloaded with the software.

    Warning. Uninstall foreign languages Office then Install Office. That way, it will install English version Office.

    Before activating, I took picture of the 25 digit Product Key for safe keeping.

    There was no need to go to Dell Digital Delivery system.

    Dell was very poor in communicating to businesses who bought upgraded versions of Office. No information, no nothing and I wasted several hours of my company time looking for an answer before I simply went ahead and "Install."

    Microsoft and Dell dropped the ball on this one.


  • To be fair, I think this is more Microsoft's fault than Dell's. Personally, I think Microsoft is deliberately making the activation of one-time purchase versions of Office user-hostile in order to push people toward the Office 365 software rental paradigm.

    I didn't see a 25 character key when I activated, btw. I don't think I missed it, so my guess is they didn't show it to me because I created a new MS account and this is the only key associated with it. That's only a guess, though. 

    My procedure for my company's computers with Office 2016 is to create a unique MS account for each computer, because I want the license to be associated with the machine to as much extent as possible. I describe that here.

  • I am having the same problem with a Precision 3520 I received two days ago. I did not get a product key with my computer.

    I tested reinstalling the Win10 image from and found out it did not match the original factory installation and that it was missing the Office Home and Business 2016 I purchased. I had not activated Office 2016, so I guess any pre-stored key was wiped out when I re-imaged the laptop. 

    I've wasted an entire day on the phone, support chat, and searching forums for a solution. I tried both the Office 2016 installer and another installer that Dell support provided. I'm so frustrated I opened a Twitter account for my business just to get their attention. See <Non-public info removed>